Entrance Examination

Study Program

Bachelor´s Degree

Entrance Examination

There are three programs of study in the Music Department:

  1. Music Education for Teacher Education
  2. Instrumental Performance – Piano, Violin
  3. Choral Conducting

Applicants to each program of study must successfully complete one section to the entrance examination: the audition.

Music Education for Teacher Education


The applicant must prepare and perform:

  • 2 contrasting, unaccompanied folk songs from either the student’s native country or the Czech Republic

The applicant should perform the songs for memory, with attention to healthy vocal technique.


The applicant will be asked to:

  • Transpose the folk songs, starting on different notes and in different keys.
  • Sing major and minor scales, including natural, melodic and harmonic minor.
  • Match any pitch from the piano.
  • Identify perfect, major, minor, intervals; major, minor triads in root position and both inversions; dominant 7th chord in root position.
  • Sing back a simple melody after hearing it played twice on the piano by the examiner.
  • Hear a rhythmic pattern once and clap it correctly.
  • Listen to a short melody and tap the main beat.
  • Demonstrate vocal improvisation and creativity by completing an 8-bar melody after hearing the first 4 bars.

Instrumental Performance

The apllicant must be able to play either the piano or the violin. Please note that all violinists are required to have at least minimum piano proficiency.

At the audition, the applicant should be prepared to play:

  1. a) Piano
  • Major and minor scales and chords, at least in two octaves.
  • 2 Etudes, e.g. Czerny op. 261, 299, 849.
  • 1 Baroque composition, e.g. Bach: Two-parts Inventions, Little Preludes and Fugues.
  • 1 movement from a classical sonata or sonatina.
  • 1 romantic composition.
  • 1 composition written in the 20th century.
  • 1 folk song with student´s own harmonic accompaniment and its trasposition in various keys.
  1. b) Violin
  • Major and minor scales and chords in three octaves.
  • 2 etudes, e.g. Mazas, Kreutzer.
  • 1 movement from a violin concerto or other violin composition.
  • 1 folk song and its transposition in various keys.

Moreover, the applicant can perform other instruments that can be use at school (recorder, guitar, flute etc.).